Marcus Austin
2 min readAug 13, 2022

To stop something, one can not use the same force to overcome or matter in question. Therefore, if we are busy killing ourselves through how we eat, how can we have the authority to resolve the murder happening outside of ourselves? Why are we worrying about others’ stabbing us in the back when we murder ourselves every day through our forks and knives?

Without knowing statistics of how lifestyles contribute to our demise, people are harmed based upon what’s on their plate. An example of how this is true is via the expansion of fast food and drive-in restaurants with lower-quality produce and meals. The World Obesity Atlas in 2021 predicts by 2030, over 1 billion people will be struggling with obesity. With such a large percentage of humanity working to find solutions to such a problem, it is funny that other concerns take preeminence.

With the growth and spread of diseases such as diabetes, there is a discrepancy in how we can better address living healthier and better through what we eat and how we cook. Change must take place as soon as possible to combat what is now a significant global problem. It is a sad realization we are living to eat versus eating to live.

So what can we do to change this self-destructive trend of obesity? One should consult with their doctors, nutritionist, and medical team, regarding what they are individually to do through a prism of common sense. The logic behind a healthy lifestyle is one of moderation. It is not for me to tell anyone to avoid any one thing or another. Discretion is necessary to ensure balance and intake from food choices are reasonable and provide sustainable energy to be effective.

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