He Hates Me

Marcus Austin
5 min readJul 26, 2019

In taking an inventory of ourselves and relationships we can feel and ask a question within our minds, “Why does he/she hate me?” It could be because of jealousy, it could be your attitude, it could be your spirit, and even how one might empathizes with another.

Many times in working conditions, partnerships, and businesses, when there is not a social camaraderie, it throws the focus on meeting certain goals and standards put forth. Apart of the issue is my poor effort to monitor how I related and communicated with others. With all of the new social media platforms, there is tremendous value in communicating well with the general public as well as within your network.

With the multitude of various different ways, one can reach you via call list, email list, and others have affected how does one prioritize your message from the others. Can the message standout or be heard? Additionally, what meaning are we able to drive that directs attention to someone who could be interested?

One of the ways to become better at being one out of approximately seven and a half billion (7,500,000,000) is to be a person who can create solutions to problems. With so many ongoing issues including war, poverty, and sickness, it is time to see how creativity, invention, technology, and integrated knowledge can assist in providing some answers.

It is not that we as a human race and family does not want to help, but because of division, pride, ego, and lack of understanding. Some might also blame corruption, bad education, and fear as well.

We all can contribute, even if it is considered in small steps or ways. It is in becoming the example which encourages others to also contribute as well. It is true that materialism, money, and fame sometimes causes distractions of the meaning of life. After all the meetings including certain financial goals, what else is there to do besides setting another one that can be of assistance to another. Some lose their vision because life is an ongoing process. Where and when do we ask at the end of everyday “Who did I help today?”

Listening and not just hearing requires one to be open when communicating. You can not solve problems unless you are truly willing to hear what they are. The intention to assist can come through strategy, resource management, or just true concern and empathy.

Unfortunately, when we tell our story we look for approval by wearing masks. Somehow we think our appearance in isolation makes the distinct difference. The story we are trying to tell can contradict the one we do. Who are you as to character or the principles you live by? Can we figure out and discern through the process what that story really is? I would say absolutely

I am sure you have heard this quote, “Without the right question, you’ll never get the right answer.” Therefore, when you want to learn there should be a long list of triggers that ask essential questions for coming up with the correct answers. It can come through discussion and listening once there is a good intent of growth and understanding. Whether it is ten (10) or one hundred (100) questions you can find a way to the end goal.

Having an agenda of questions and not being open to an organic process can be the worst conversations. We are looking for new experiences that rely on connection to stretch our abilities. The curiosity and digging deep forces one to get to the genuine expression of purpose. Asking versus telling usually gets a relationship to the level of congeniality.

Good stories are very interesting tools of personal experiences that can prove a point during engagement. What did you do when you were faced with a complex issue? What meaningful strategies did you use to get out of a tough circumstance. Getting someone’s attention to stay along for the ride means we must have the ability to keep them engaged. Reaching the final destination means putting the right context and direction to allow for relatability and further discussion can happen.

Laughter functions like medicine to the soul. It eases our senses and is a basic emotion as young children we express until we die. This is a form of our primal communication. When telling jokes it breaks down the blocks and barriers of which one holds up to get to their core. If you can not laugh at yourself and others, you overwhelm yourself with negative emotions and thoughts. We must be balanced in order to live successful and enjoyable lives.

The danger of transforming problems into relief is communicated via laughter. With the over the top attention of what causes stress and the context of our environment, we become endangered due to a break down of our immune system. The chemicals that result in our human bodies causes a reaction of fight and flight activities that creates the lack of peace and balance within ourselves.

Turning off the television or radio can open us up to where we would be vulnerable. Our emotions are consistently pushed and tied to things we agree and disagree on. The panel discussions on twenty four (24) hour networks do a great job of showing two (2) or three (3) opinions. While sitting on our couches we can see that happening everyday. But could it be possible that one might not have all the answers and another perspective in the middle could be the answer in gray. This exercise makes one feel he is the only one worthy of having authority of knowledge. However, is it possible for two (2) people with differing opinions be correct at the same time whether than being from a different cultural, economic, and scientific lens? There are examples with the different time zones all across the world. Furthermore, perfection stops the act of taking inspired action. Without faith with works our belief is dead. The true educational process is when we can share, admit to a certain viewpoint, question it, and listen for feedback. There is a need for everyone to be heard and recognized. Do we care is the challenge I believe we all face if we are to work together.









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