Influence Versus Money

Can you tell me what is more valuable, money or influence? This question begs for an answer because the power of fame and fortune is usually viewed as one in the same. How could you have one without the other? However, the more I started to think analytically about the connection of politics, socio-economic perspectives, and movements of thought leaders, I realized there are some critical distinctions. Therefore, another essential inquiry would be what is the next step for a wealthy individual to parlay his/her success after gaining a large amount or sum of money?

What is money supposed to represent and why do so many want it? It becomes the value of which humanity puts on it to ascertain a certain level of societal acceptance and distinction. The measurements, although many times misdirected as reflective of character, creates unfair distinctions within our consciousness. Therefore, from this understanding we can draw upon many examples of United States Presidents. The top ten (10) goes as it follows:

  1. ) Donald Trump

As much as their track records provide insight to their thinking and supportive political strategies, it is also crucial that we evaluate what would they be if none of these select individuals could not convert their financial wealth into another form of influence. After finding a niche or way of doing business that allows for a high level of achievement, can that become old and create a desire to stretch yourself into other unfamiliar areas of power and control. Therefore, what does the value system of wealth really represent becomes the more important point of view.

Lastly, is it possible to get or acquire the influence without being wealthy. If that reality is accomplished, what are the risk as to the established infrastructure when there is disagreement as to how a society should continue to run. The cultures and lifestyles reflect priorities of different groups and the corresponding living conditions. One of the prime examples I am drawn to discuss in this context is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Although he came from what some might consider a middle class background, his interest in leveling the playing field politically and financially showed that when certain lines of influence significantly affect the wealthy, the bitterness and poison of hate is triggered. One of the most important accomplishments that not only distinguished him, was that he was not only a local figure to promote equality in the United States of America, but in winning the Nobel Peace Prize became a global factor that increased the awareness of what was taking place within the country. The embarrassment of being one of the most powerful countries in the world while dealing with the entanglement of racism, place-ism, and segregation, became an issue of which important stakeholders including political leaders had to deal with on a continual basis.

The influence of what was going on and where he was headed was not only to change lives in America, but also a way in which humanity could re-evaluate our perspectives of each other. Some could consider his work as one which caused acknowledgement but also a heightened awareness that although progress had occurred, there was still much more to get accomplished. It was obvious he was way before his time, however, what made him a danger to an ingrained system was the influence without comparatively the riches of the wealthy class. Whenever you have that type of scenario, an angst and lack of control then becomes an insecurity between groups. What then becomes most important is NOT ones money, but the influence of people which is the ultimate peak of ability, capacity, capability, and potentiality. As a result, a limited mind thinks about eliminating the risk factor(s) versus finding ways to collaborate or finding terms of agreement. Just because one is wealthy does not automatically mean influence or large control of public thought. However, it can position them to acquire such claims to fame versus the work of building such from the grassroots. In this prior example, we know that the spread and shift globally can and did change the tide for Dr. King and the civil right’s movement.





Marcus experience covers a myriad of sectors and fields. He is driven to communicate and implement his expertise to drive success to everyone he touches.

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Marcus Austin

Marcus experience covers a myriad of sectors and fields. He is driven to communicate and implement his expertise to drive success to everyone he touches.