We can now agree that in 2019, we are firmly living within the technology age. Could humanity even live fully without computers, social media platforms, data software, communication devices, programming, and even the daily operation of our day to day activities. It amazes me that now technology is so integrated into all facets of our lives that concentrates our energy away from acknowledging each other’s presence in public places. The energy and connection we all share is something we should hold in the highest regard. However, somehow we have replaced that value by trusting not what creates the technology, but the distractions that systems can create to take us out of touch with each other. This is not to say that technology can be extremely effective under the right context. As with anything, life functions essentially from our youngest stages of creation through perspective as the most powerful influences in our lives. Therefore, when we allow for anything to control us versus we controlling it, the limitation of our capacity to think, take action, and be creative out of the box of linear though is reduced. As with the forbidden fruit eaten in the Garden of Eve by Adam, or the Atom, and Eve, that tree of knowledge is sometimes symbolized as an Apple. It is no coincidence that one of the most influential technology companies is Apple. The tree of knowledge unfortunately shows the existence on the surface recognized only by our five (5) senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch. So the question then becomes can one see without seeing, touch without touching, hear without hearing, taste without tasting, and smell without smelling? Most would say that would be impossible for that to be the case. However, every time a person goes to sleep, they do just that. The alpha theta state provides a mindset where the normal sense of the conscious mind losing it’s control to the deeper more powerful mind of the subconscious.

It has always been the case that all religious and spiritual leaders specifically teaches us that we are first and primarily spirit then flesh. However, when we forget the importance of this critical dynamic other idol ‘Gods” or things we think are trustworthy become the source of our attention. Focus is always important specifically when we think about how our connected minds with the right emotion to create purposeful manifestation for everyone to share and enjoy. When I state the word “share”, one can mean a variety of context of which could be contributing to the experience, enjoying a product or service from the occurrence, or being a blessing through a sense of charity to bless others with information or economic bequest. Therefore, if we are to be aligned with God and the infinite source of being including all knowledge, presence, and power, then our concentration should always have our energy focused on improving that primary and critical factor.

So what happens when we first wake up and instead of praying or meditation, we turn on our computer or check our social media pages. The discipline of not acknowledging what truly gives life through the spirit is therefore replaced by news, gossip, and activities that are not concentrated on our highest development. How you typically start your day unfortunately is usually how one ends it. Once humanity becomes comfortable in a climate of negativity enforced by societal focus of the outer controlling our inner versus the other way around, one becomes doubtful and driven by stress or anxiety. The dedication of our time, which is the most important reflection of our most valuable currency, should be for the elevation of consciousness. However, when we are not using our resources including technology, we can fill it up with other things that can be blocks to us operating in our most appropriate states of reality. Although some say, you should just turn off all media and attached tools such as television, radio, blogs, newspapers, and social media. I strongly believe that it is not the tools by themselves that can be negative, however, it is more so how we use them and a dependence on those things which makes us work out of balance.

Some might argue that both spirituality and technology works in direct opposite ways, however, I think it is foolish to not be able to use them in an effective course of action. The same argument can be made for guns and violence. Can a gun kill someone automatically without some human influence guiding it in some form? The answer to that question would be no. In that understanding, we should be taking responsibility of who we are by first realizing the spirit we have along with the correct mental attitude is most important. Out of that sense we experience the type of wholeness that produces the byproducts of abundance and what we aim to achieve.







Marcus experience covers a myriad of sectors and fields. He is driven to communicate and implement his expertise to drive success to everyone he touches.

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Marcus Austin

Marcus experience covers a myriad of sectors and fields. He is driven to communicate and implement his expertise to drive success to everyone he touches.