You’re Fired

What happens to someone psychologically when they are released unceremoniously on what can seem to be on the spot? Although communication should be valued even if there are differences, what could make someone who is already going out the door, get that door slammed prematurely. Out of control and balance of emotion many times results in this type of circumstance. The ownership and slave mindset of business becomes an investment of expertise and time instead of recognition of exchanged value. It is true that many times due to the power of unexpected circumstances and high anxiety work environments, the drive for power and control can show their ugly heads. There can be a consequence through wrongful termination lawsuits as a recourse. However, that is not the same for every case when this is taking place. In just handling each other in a more reasonable way of allowing people to leave and not forcing could be a great advantage in saving money and the reputation. It is true that in creating a good stature, can take years to build and one second to lose.

To detach from someone whether it is in a working relationship or personal one can be a tough environment to live within. These events are more than just a business transaction but a cut off of a connection of development of which both parties have shared and now are at risk in losing. Such examples are not only exclusive to middle management and low level employees, but also even the top executives, although much more publicized through public sources of information. All transitions are not easy and peaceful, and depending on the character of those involved could be very bitter. Some ways this can take place is the removal of company founders and Chief Executive Officers by a Board of Directors. Another way such can happen is cutting short of the leave of absence or resignation time periods for an immediate replacement. It is a very tough thing for someone to get adjusted as a fresh part of an executive team unless there is a relationship that can provide a view of the current landscape. It is quite comical that the price of which the company has to pay exceeds way more than handling these issues in a professional and well intention way.

It is sad but not just one country but many others look at jobs in the wrong or outdated way. Having a job should not be based on a slavery context although there might be the unfortunate history of that behavior. Even if there are ways of which that history can be hidden in order to protect the financial and societal vitality of the growth of their population, such a spirit and energy can still lie underneath a broken surface. Abandonment can be a strong insecurity of which one in higher authority can fall into without recognizing their own behavior patterns. Who is going to pay for these discrepancies that can dwell in the legal systems and governments to become the mediator or vehicle to set the appropriate precedent for the employer and employee to come to an agreeable resolution.

Depending on what industry you work in, the likelihood of these conditions can be more than desired. The lack of security and fear drives the workers to put in more effort to make themselves seem more invaluable. However, not in understanding that conditions and environments create the appropriate conditions for wealth and productivity. The awful experience of always having your resume ready to chase the next opportunity becomes a practice that functions best for the employer to cut down their layoff cost versus keeping them on the job to experience growth for the next projects that could be available.

The unfortunate ideas of life being a competition becomes leveraging both sides of the table because you never know who you can trust. When there are leveraged buyouts, where everyone always wants to be the top of the food chain, can cause funny ways in which the place you leave can eventually be the place you might be forced to come back to you. The idea that you should be nice to your competitor because you might be working for them reinforces how you can look at your power as associated with a job instead of your individual value. Therefore, when you are entrapped with a system that recycles the same opportunities, or a ceiling of growth, then how does one feel when the limitations of their conditions remind them of lack. Convincing oneself of this outlook becomes a byproduct of frustration. Therefore, when you resign or think about leaving do not be surprised if a firing might happen. Although, there are repercussions, you must be careful that the clarity of your actions allow for a peaceful and fluid process in moving on to bigger or better things.





Marcus experience covers a myriad of sectors and fields. He is driven to communicate and implement his expertise to drive success to everyone he touches.

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Marcus Austin

Marcus experience covers a myriad of sectors and fields. He is driven to communicate and implement his expertise to drive success to everyone he touches.